January P&G

🍂 TRUSTED SELLER – 🍁 I-G0ARTXY70BDU Each individually clipped ✂ set $1/10 plus postage.
📣 BOGO FEBREEZES OR SECRET $1.50/10 ✔ PPFF APPROVED from North Carolina. ✔ Accepts PayPal, Cashapp, and FB Pay. 🚫 FCFS. No Holds. 📬 Mails promptly the next day after payment is received, except weekends and holidays. 👉👉 Comment here first then you can FB Messenger me for a faster response @Shanda Bridgeforth https://www.facebook.com/ssimplyme4

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  1. When does the head and shoulders expire?

  2. Pm sent!

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